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Thank you for stopping by and reading. I also want to thank those of you who have tweeted, liked and commented on my posts. Please accept my apologies for not keeping active and posting in IBOTOOLBOX or reciprocating the kind gestures as I’ve been dealing with life and the changes my wife and I are going through. With just one week left of my wife’s vacation, I’ll be spending more time with her and much less time on the computer. Maybe by then this carpal tunnel and other “stuff” will have subsided much.

For all current and future Zeeks, there is some good news and some GREAT news this week on some pretty critical items regarding Zeek Rewards and

As I’m feeling very tired and the carpal has been really acting up – I wish I could charge a toll for this tunnel but it’s only me who is paying the toll – these last couple days, I’ve copied/pasted the following information from I did change or delete a few exclaimation points and other asterisks but the text remains in tact.

Now here’s the low-down on zeekler!

**Good News:
Commissions and Points are YOURS on your Customer to Customer Referrals: If one of your personally sponsored customers refers other customers, YOU will receive the 20% commissions and one point on every dollar they spend on just as if they were your own personally sponsored customer!

**More Good News:
– We realized there was some confusion as to the new Company Pool “Bid Debt” and that there were reps who gave all of their bids that already received points to the Company Bid Pool regrettably and in error. So…we have refunded ALL bids that already generated points back into your bid banks.

– As announced last Friday, the company bid pool will advance 25 bids to each new customer upon registration and as needed to your existing customers. The system will look from your most recent customer registrations backward to your oldest and advance them 25 bids out of your bid pool account as needed. The nitty-gritty details will be released this week (prior to launch) and will explain exactly how the Company Bid Pool and Customer Co-Op works -so just kick back, take a deep cleansing breath and know clarity is on the way.

***Great News!!!

**$2.50 Customers for ALL of September!!! We are running a Customer Co-Op Special through the month of September only charging $2.50 per customer (regardless of subscription level)!

– Due to overwhelming response and field feedback we are no longer discounting customer acquisition costs based on subscription level. All affiliates will pay the same price for customers, effective immediately. For the month of September (through October 1st) Zeek is running a special deal and only charging $2.50 per customer. As advertising rates vary, customer acquisition costs will vary so we will be re-evaluating the co-op customer prices monthly. This is a rock-bottom rate to get everyone off to a GREAT start, so take advantage of this amazing deal while it lasts!

**Back Office Feature:
– There’s a new drop down option in your back office on your Bid-Give page. You can “up” the amount of free bids you want the system to give to YOUR customers automatically with a groovy little “drop-down box”! Just tell the system to give YOUR customers 100 free bids instead of 25 and VOILA…it will do so instantly!

That’s it for the moment! We’ll keep you up to speed every step of the way. Thanks for all of your input, feedback and support as always! September 1st is RIGHT around the corner and so is the end of our contest – so go get that iPad2!!!

You can find out how Zeek Rewards works by clicking the link below and watching the 9 minute video in its entirety.