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Introducing the GLOBALINX® GSP-10 Softphone

GLOBALINX® recently rolled out an exciting product that’s sure to add convenience and flexibility for you and your customers — the all-new GSP-10 HD video softphone for Windows and Mac operating systems.

With the GSP-10, your customers can make and receive voice calls to and from any phone number with their computer. Users enjoy all the features and savings of GLOBALINX service with on-the-go mobility that is unmatched.

GSP-10 users can make and receive four-way, high-definition video calls to and from other GLOBALINX® VideoPhone customers with no additional costs. Users can see three other people all at the same time and each person can see all other participants when the GSP-10 initiates or receives the video call, even on other GLOBALINX VideoPhones.

“The GSP-10 allows customers to expand into the video calling and VoIP arena without having to purchase any expensive equipment. A customer can use the laptop or desktop they already own,” said GLOBALINX® Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Machonkin.

Standing for “GLOBALINX® Softphone Portable,” the GSP-10 has ten advanced features which set it apart from Skype and other softphones and make the GSP-10 a great tool for residential customers. All these features are included at no extra charge:

HD Video
Voice Mail
Unbeatable GLOBALINX® Calling Features
Four-way Conference Calling
Call Recording (audio)
E911 Emergency Calling
Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
No Equipment Costs
Portability / Mobility
Live Customer and Technical Support
The GSP-10 was released as an add-on plan, available to current residential GLOBALINX® VideoPhone customers with an active account.